How to win your first million in a casino

As practice shows, most newcomers to the online casino are interested in three questions: «Are there any honest online casinos?», «Can I win at an online casino?», «Are there any game systems guaranteeing winnings in a casino?». Some formulate the question a little differently: «How much did you win at an online casino?». Immediately answer the last question, I was winning amounts from a few tens to thousands of dollars (but I had to lose, a maximum of about $ 200), my total income from playing in the casino exceeded $ 10,000 (this is several years of game in the evenings after work), although I know Professional players who earn such amounts in a few months. On the first question about honest casinos, I tried to answer on the site «Honest online casino», I recommend you read it if you plan to play online. Here I will try to answer the two remaining questions — can I still beat the online casino?

If to answer briefly, then «Yes, you can win», «No, there are no guaranteed strategies». Why no one can guarantee winnings in the casino, I will try to explain more details on the page «Win-win» systems. «The question of how to beat a casino is more complicated. As you know, casino games are built for chance — the desired card may come, or it may not come , your roulette number may fall out, or it may be quite different.It seems that everything depends only on luck: lucky you are in chocolate, no — in another substance. And at a short distance in several games this is really so. in an honest casino, depending on the The rules of the game are such that the casino does not have a very big, but a mathematical advantage over the player.All the games are carefully calculated from the point of view of probability theory and the payout in them is usually less than 100%. That is, on average, he gets $ 90- $ 99 on the average of $ 100 to $ 99. I repeat, this is an average, at a short distance in one session, it’s not so noticeable, the chances of winning are pretty high, but the more you play, the stronger your result will be to Wed one — mathematical expectation, which means your loss, alas. More details on the theory of probability in the application to the casino games I will try on the page «Mathematics games.»

But not everything is so sad. In the world there are quite a few so-called advansive players, advancers, who find an opportunity to defeat the casino. Advancers play both in real casinos and online. They are usually very good at the theory of probability and mathematical statistics (you too will not be disturbed by acquaintance with these disciplines) and can find in the rules of games or promotions the opportunity to make the game profitable not for the institution, but for yourself. I will tell you about some of these ways here. The first way is to participate in various promotions offered by the casino. In the case of online, this is primarily the use of bonuses. On your deposit, almost all casinos add their money, and this gift can well move the scales in your direction. True, the use of bonuses has its own specificity, related to their varieties, rules of acting out, etc., more about this in the section «Playing for bonuses.» If you watched the movie «Blackjack .21», you should know about this opportunity to beat the casino, like a card account. Also, you could read from Jack London or the press about the possibility of playing real roulette due to, for example, problems with the wheel. In the usual online casino these techniques are not applicable, but there are video casinos where the player receives live streaming of real roulette and real card games via the Internet. About how you can use winning off-line strategies online is described in the «Video Casino» section. Although I wrote above that in casino games has an advantage, but from any rule there are exceptions. It’s very rare, but there are separate games where theoretical payments exceed 100%, usually it’s a little, not more than 0.1%, but with a large amount of bets, you can win something decent. Other games by default are unprofitable for the player, but in time can become worthy of attention. It’s about the games with the accumulative jackpot, where the payouts depend on the size of the jackpot. More details about this in the section «Games with a plus MO». And finally, there is an opportunity to play a plus if you play against other people. To do this, your opponents have to play worse than you, but here much depends on you, your abilities to learn the game and play by the optimal strategy. Well, a little more information about these opportunities can be found in the section «Playing against people».

In general, to get the advantage and win from the online casino is quite realistic. Some ways are more promising, some less, but they work. Just do not expect that you will remain in every game in every game, forget that luck on some days may turn away from you. Well, I, in turn, wish you success in the fight against online casinos.

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